Things are getting heated up after Lifetime aired a docuseries with 6 episodes about R. Kelly's alleged victims over the weekend.

A source tells that the district attorney's office is now seeking to interview a few of the women who appeared on Surviving R. Kelly, but had previously been unknown to investigators.

Joycelyn Savage was one of those women and an interview is being coordinated between her and the district attorney's office, said the source. reached out to the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, who declined to comment on the matter.

The John's Creek police Department, who initially investigated Kelly and the handed over their findings to the district attorney, have not yet responded to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, the Cook County District Attorney's Office stated that it 'has not been provided with information from law enforcement regarding any alleged victims of s3xual assault involving entertainer R. Kelly.'

That statement went on to note:

Though public allegations have recently been made, victim and witness accounts, testimony, and cooperation are especially critical in moving forward with charges.

In March of last year, Kelly forked over $25,000 to cover past due rent on one of his Georgia homes after he was served an eviction notice last month, can disclose.

Kelly and SB Property Management entered into a consent order, where the company acknowledges the singer settled the unpaid rent and fees.

The 51-year-old agreed to evacuate the property and agreed that the company would not be held liable for any damages when removing his personal property from the home, according to the court documents obtained exclusively by

With the agreement, the company dropped all claims against Kelly for the past due rent and the case was promptly closed.

Kelly was hit with the eviction notice two weeks prior at the home in the Johns Creek neighborhood of Duluth, which was believed to be used as the hub of the R&B singer's alleged 's3x cult' before it was burgled in 2017.