There has been a debate based on the amount of Kenyan music being played in the country compared to songs from other countries.

Kenyan artistes have come forward to demand more airplay in Kenyan radio stations as they state that international, Bongo and Naija music are getting more attention and airplay than Kenyan music.

This is something that has been going on for a pretty long time and at this point it seems it's way more serious than  before.

Well, Akothee has come forward to mention a couple of people who've supported her music over the years including Shaffie and Adelle.

In a long post, she mentioned some media personalities who really came through for her in terms of her music career.

Read what she wrote;

I released my first single in 2014 , I dint know anything about airplay, I was just having fun, I organised a show with a few DJs I knew already @kaytrixx_ke was very supportive then, when I released my second single Pashe I met @mzaziwillytuva in Rongo when he had come for Mseto East Africa in Rongo university, I played the song for him and he was like when you come to nairobi make sure you come to club tribeka, so we clicked from there, the only presenter I knew was @mzaziwillytuva , I was very ambitious, so I asked him to organize for me a media tour in Tanzania, and because I dint have a manager I asked him to come with me.

"Then I did my first media tour with only 2 songs in Tanzania, East Africa Tv, @skytanzania and @djtass treated me well, climbing the ladder I kept relationship with everyone I was introduced to by @mzaziwillytuva , he invited me to campus tour which made me realise my potential, then @a_opondo introduced me to @jalangoo heavy jakababa , who now introduced me to the kisumu pipo my kinsmen, jalango then introduced me to @radiomaisha, and all his friends and workmates @alex_mwakideu, @djwesly @dj212 @mwendemacharia @clemo ,I only get introduced once and I take the heed to keep the relationship and contacts with people I need."

Jalango then introduced me to @shaffie & @adelleonyango on radio Africa, thats where I met @mainawakageni @ghost and @gidigidi , I also have kiss tv with @kiptoo and djdan having supported me equally, In mombasa I have always kept relationship with @chris001ke @presente01 , baraka fm,pwani fm, I have heard @djjoemfalme play my music on his concerts and we clicked when I met him at Luo festival in 2015, well if you read carefully , you will understand that through the ladder the only thing that has worked for me is keeping relationships, no one will think of you if you dont think of them.

I came into the industry and I found the desease of play kenyan music play kenyan music , I found djs fighting with artists and this has never stopped, so I push my music personally, then came the great @willisraburu with his 10/10 baaaas hapo ndio ikauwaaaaaa, most of my fans in diaspora found out about me @mwalimchurchill on youtube."