Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe
The #10YearChallenge has gone viral with people sharing their photos from 10 years ago, versus current photos.

We have seen some of the funniest photos ever from our celebrities, and when we say God is a God of wonders, that is exactly who he is.

Well, as many take up this challenge, Huddah has decided that she will not be participating because she doesn't follow trends nor crowds

She shared a photo of herself when she was young, bashing those who want to tarnish her beauty.

"F**k y’all 10 year challenge ... this is me as a baby in Huruma ....You know If you c*m inside me ,This will be the byproduct 🤣 .

I don’t follow TRENDS coz I don’t follow crowds, I walk the other direction .... But I see y’all tryna Tarnish my beauty ..... I have always been the BADDEST!!! Gorgeous , Adorable since birth , NO SKIN COLOR Change!!! Acheni kuniwekelea💯💯💯"

A while back, a video went viral showing Huddah without a front tooth. She was heavily trolled. In the throwback video, Huddah doesn’t look as pretty, as she holds a can of what looks like beer, and her speech is slurred as if drunk.

Watch the video below;

She also explained not so long ago that she was involved in an accident and lost 4 teeth.

“I had an accident that could’ve killed me at 12 and lost 4 front teeth. I went through primary school being bullied, I was always called “Mapengo.” It affected my education so much coz I lost the confidence I always had.”