basata diamond
basata diamond
Diamond Platnumz is in a glory glory hallelujah mood.

He went through a rough patch late last year after the release and performance of his 8.1 million views hit track featuring Rayvanny, Mwanza.

The two got in trouble with Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) after they performed Mwanza at one of their countrywide tours. BASATA had banned the song terming it “immoral”.

Diamond and Rayvanny later apologized in a video release. This is part of their statement.

in great humility, we ask for forgiveness from the great Tanzanian republic and BASATA for performing the song Mwanza at the Wasafi Festival in Mwanza. We work hard to be good examples to our fans and to the society, but as humans, we are prone to making mistakes. We accept that we have done something wrong and we are sorry for that. Through our works of art, we will endeavor to be good ambassadors for our culture to the world.

Guess the apology worked because after they engaged each other back and forth, BASATA has decided to lift the ban and now they can go on with their art as musicians. However it comes with a disclaimer, the board will be keen to monitor what Wasafi Company will be producing.

Diamond Platnumz is happy with the new developments and with that, he decided to launch 'a gospel' song featuring all the members of the Wasafi family.

In the song, he encourages everyone not to give up because this is the year of greatness and change.

don't give up in all your days remember that dark times come before the light. do not fear challenges because there is light at the end of a dark tunnel

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