Akothee has come out strongly to expose a lady who conned an MD and other citizens of money, pretending to be her. She shared screenshots of the lady asking for Sh50,000 (510 dollars).

I understand this lady who was corned is an MD of a certain company, 😂🤣, if an MD can be dubbed online how about the normal people , please once you have been corned online , don't call my friends or people you think know me , just go to police for investigations before you get embarrassed! I will not take responsibility for your stupidest, stupidity , this is too cheap,!

She also revealed that the con lady lied to her friend that she is a very close friend to Akothee

Anyone claiming sending money to me or my Mpesa My name is ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO , you can as well go to safaricom and print out your statements , lets meet at the police station idiot , I am so ashamed , the lady even confirms to my friend that we are very close friends 🙊, me ask you for 50k💃💃, I dont befriend people Online no fake zones anyone online is a fan period no personal relationship, keep your lane. SEE YOUR LIFE 🤣😂🤣😂😂 Mrs M

The con lady was using the name Esther Akoth Onyango, which would easily make one believe that it is indeed Akothee.

MLS0TBQ9NC Confirmed. Ksh30,500.00 sent to Esther Akoth Onyango 0715822801 on 28/12/18 at 5:59 PM. New M-PESA balance is Ksh906.31. Transaction cost, Ksh105.00. If I asked you to send this money to educate a child in a certain school , would you have sent ?