A lot has happened this week in the 254 and the biggest story that has been trending is the death of Strathmore University student, Kenneth Abom.

On the Big Scoop with Adelle, Shaffie and Mpasho's Uncle Chim, they discussed all the hot topics for the week.

Kenneth died on Saturday after it was reported that he fell from the fourth floor of the apartment he lives in.

This happened after he got into an altercation with Octopizzo at his home in Woodley.

According to neighbours, Kenneth went to Octopizzo's house to talk to him. He was his biggest fan.

Octopizzo chased him away with blows and later took a blunt object many have described as 'mbao' and hit him with it on his face.

A neighbour told

"The kid went home bleeding and locked himself in their bathroom, he started screaming and breaking stuff then jumped from the 4th floor of their apartment block."

Octopizzo defended himself and speaking to KTN, Octopizzo said, "The neighbour that was there who saw everything, he took him back and went to their house, then an hour later we heard the boy has jumped."

Last year, Nyce Wanjeri's husband announced that their marriage was over, in a post he later on pulled down.

He said their marriage suffered because his wife (Shiro) had become an absentee spouse. According to the post, things have not been working out following Nyce’s success on TV.

Later he retracted his statement in an interview seen by .

Titus said, “What I had said was past tense. It’s best I sort of know exactly what is happening. I can’t conclude now. Everything has its ups and downs and I think it’s too soon to decide or know what is happening.”

Nyce also  came forward and confirmed that indeed they broke up.

"Its true we broke up just like Tito said. Every marriage has its teething problem. Every partner has a side to him or her that causes friction in the union.

I do not want to say we broke up as a result of me challenging his position as a man in the union. I won't say much because you never know what happens in the lives of people who share a blanket together."

After she dumped him on Valentine's Day, Zari has now decided to break off all ties with the Dangote's as she has blocked Diamond's family. It's not clear why she blocked them, but maybe she doesn't want to see what is going on in their lives.

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