Wema Sepetu has nothing but love for her ex, Idris Sultan.

As he turns 26 on a Monday, he is not only getting love from his ex Wema, but he also falls as her MCM. Late 2016 when the couple was dating, they opened up about the toughest time in their relationship. Wema Sepetu was expectant with twins but sadly, she was not able to conceive. She lost the babies in a miscarriage.

Clearly, this is a moment never to be forgotten. As she wished Idris a happy birthday, she mentioned that he almost gave her happiness, her twins.

U could pass for MCM BUT since its Monday and Its your Birthday, Wat the Heck...!!! Happy Birthday to this one who almost gave me My happiness... Wish you nothing but More Success and Good Health... Its your Day...!!! have a Blast... Keep doin what you do...

The two are a good example of ex's we should emulate because, despite the fact that their relationship is over, the two are still very good friends.

Lulu Diva, Idris' sister was also not left behind and posted a sweet birthday message. She asks for God's protection upon her brother.

Happy Birthday To My Brother I love you, you're my happiness. May Allah Protect u. I bore you with all my crying habits but you tell me not to shed tears for you're there for me. 👏 You support me in life and in my career but I am tired of being single like you. I want to fall in love again because i Fell like I miss someone.

The last statement of her wish proves that she would not mind if Idris and Wema got back together.

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Idris shares a birthday with Citizen TV queen, Victoria Rubadiri who is quite excited as she turns 33, saying it brings great expectations.

Ah 33...you arrive with great expectations and somber reflections.

From us, it is happy 26th Idris and happy 33rd to Victoria.