Nairobians may once again be forced to walk to the CBD, after the government announced that no vehicles will be allowed in the CBD on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

This is part of the plan to decongest the city and attract investors. A pilot study on car-free days will start on Friday before a citywide rollout.

“The pilot stage is starting off with Moi Avenue, Harambee Avenue, Taifa Road, City Hall and Mama Ngina Street,” Public Works PS Paul Maringa said

The full rollout will also cover Kenyatta Avenue, University Way, Moi Avenue, Haile Selassie, and finally Westlands.

Paul Maringa goes on to state that there will be dedicated parking in Uhuru Park and Railways Station.

Now Adelle and Shaffie, just like the rest of Nairobians have weighed in on the Car Free Day.

Shaffie goes on to narrate that he's been making jokes about this whole thing but he has come to realize that it is a reality.

"Let me tell you something Adelle about this Car Free Day. I've been making jokes on Twitter but it's a reality and it's coming in two days. So this Saturday is the first day for the Car Free Day in The CBD and Westlands, meaning no cars will be allowed into the city and this has been brought about by a committee that has been sitting for the longest time and they are trying to make Nairobi better again so that we can reclaim that green city in the sun vibe."

In as much as it's about to go down, Adelle wonders if there are options that will be presented to us, as the operation takes full effect.

"I know we are very concerned as Nairobi residents about what is going to happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays with this Car Free Day thing. But if they do this, what options are they presenting us with and that is a question we need to ask everybody."