Akothee crying
Akothee crying
Akothee has been through a lot and she does not shy away from talking about her past.

Her story that was aired on K24's weekend segment 'Up Close with Betty', Akothee opened up about her life. She even took us round her million dollar mansion where she has an in house DJ.

As she says, 'We do not buy music system, we install music systems '.

Akothee really opened up on a lot including her day to day activities from the minute she wakes up to more painful reveals about how her ex treated her like trash.

She even challenged Betty to put on the 'house uniform' so that she doesn't ruin her expensive clothes.

Today, in a video she posted on social media crying, Akothee looks back at her life and she cannot believe how far God has brought her. She is thankful.

i do not know why God didn't let me know that one day i will be successful and have everything. like i take strong tea now by choice but some people are taking it because they can not afford milk.  when i had just given birth to a baby, i was hungry.  with nothing to drink. i really wanted to take soup, but you know you can't get soup from vegetables. 

Akothee has never shed tears in public before because as she says, she never wants to show people her weakness especially on social media because trolls will always find a way to use her words against her.

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So if you see her flaunting her monies, best believe she has come from nothing to one of the richest artistes in Kenya.