Jahmby Koikai has been battling a lot since she was diagnosed with Endometriosis but she is not giving up any time soon.

She turned a year older just the other day but it was not such a happy birthday for her. Jahmby opened up about her struggles taking pills and capsules that are part of her recovery journey. It’s not easy living that life and she has openly spoken about it since the beginning of the diagnosis.

She took to social media with a message of encouragement. Jahmby Koikai has had a rough time throughout the process of recovery but she never gives up.

She believes God has a sole purpose for her.

Hey Fam. Yesterday was so rough. Terrible. Hard on me. I fought hard through all the procedures. All I keep saying is surely God has a purpose for me. I went through another surgery yesterday and a very painful transfusion. Today is a new day. I'm sitting up even in pain that is progress. The goal is to walk two laps around my ward. We will do it. God keeps moving mountains for me. Nothing is impossible with God.

Despite all the pain Jahmby is going through, she still has a few words for her mother who seems to be going through a lot.

 my mum yaani hata sijui niseme nini(mum i don't know what to tell you)

Whatever obstacles you're facing, God says all things are possible😊

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Jahmby seems to be positive about her recovery and all we can do is support her either financially or with just a few words of encouragement and wish her all the very best.