Gabu has been in the music industry for years and still doing what he does best. The Play Kenyan Music conversation has been ongoing for a while now, with artistes complaining that Kenyan music is not played as much as Bongo and Naija music.

Well, in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Gabu made it clear that creating good content will definitely enable people to play your music and bear good results.

"There are a lot of things that need to happen. The other day we had a sit down with a presidential representative and told him all our problems. Kenyan artistes starting from me, we need to give good content so that you guys can play for us the music. We have a lot of good Kenyan Music but I feel like when you want to compare Kenyan music, unatoa ile mbaya alafu unatoa ile poa, utoe Diamond alafu unatoa ya msee wa Kenya uko mbaya alafu you start to compare. But we have good music and we need to also as artistes give good content so that our music is played."

When asked what are some of the ingredients a musician needs to be successful in the music industry he said;

"Love your job, listen to people's advice, work hard, give people good music and be professional."

Well, Gabu recently released a new song 'Mastory' featuring Tanzania's finest and Wasafi Records signee, Mbosso.

So what is the song all about?

"Mastory is basically about this beautiful girl whom you love but then again you don't, amekuingiza box so hata akifanya kitu ingine unamwambia tu ni sawa, it's ok. That's basically the idea of the song."

He went on to state that sometimes when you do a collabo with artistes from different countries, they never push the songs in their countries, but Mbosso has been very supportive.

"Sometimes when you do a collabo with people from different countries, what they do, when you release the song with them, huko kwao they don't push it. They release another one to kill yours. But I see he's trying to post, he's been involved and I also saw Diamond posted saying support Kenyan music."