Tanzanian heartthrob Diamond Platnumz plans on wedding Kenyan bae, Tanasha Donna later this year.

So far, Tanasha has met her mother-in-law, Sandra Sunura and Diamond may meet his in-law mid this year.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100.co.ke, Tanasha said, "She is coming in the summer or end of the year and it also depends on when she gets leave from work. I told Diamond I cannot get married if my family is not present."

Adding that Diamond has conversed with her mum, Diana Oketch, "Yes they have spoken on the phone three times now. I can say that they kinda get along. Ever since then, she is constantly playing bongo music."

Has she googled Diamond? "Yes, she has googled him. She knows about his past how he has been dating several women. But come on, which single man is not a womaniser? He is a good man with a good heart.

Tanasha revealed that she has tried to get him to come over to her two bedroom apartment for a visit.

She explained: "I spend most of my weekends in Diamond's house. I have tried to have him come to my apartment and it has been hard because he has to come with his entourage that includes security and the whole hullabaloo."

Adding, "This means everyone will get to know that he is around and that is what he wants to avoid. I actually got a week off so I'm here with him. I have not been feeling too well."

Not feeling well? Ehen, are you pregnant?

Laughing she told Kiss100.co.ke, "Don't go telling people I'm pregnant. I actually suspected it too. But, I'm not mentally ready."

Adding, "To clear that rumour once and for all, I tested and I'm not. My body is adjusting to all this traveling and climate change moving from Dar es Salaam which is warm to the cold Nairobi nights."

Talking about kids, Tanasha revealed that she is looking forward to having two sons and a daughter. She will name the first son, Jayden.