Catherine Kamau Karanja a.k.a Kate Actress has reiterated her stance on personalities in the gospel industry who have been exposed for preying on unsuspecting girls and exploiting them sexually.

When the DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid threesome scandal hit the interwebs, Kate was one of the few celebrities who called them out for being predators.

Here is a list of celebrities who showed their support for DK and Hopekid.


Kate weighed in on this. She did not mince her words.

She wrote: "You just can’t!!!! Come and beat me dropping pin 😩. I'm disgusted! Call a spade a spade 🤦🏽‍♀️. "

Kate added: "Sexual abuse is not only a sin but a criminal offense, tuseme ukweli!! That audio recording is just too much 💔💔💔 impunity much?? #temporarypost. #donotglorifycrime."

In an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Kate still has something to say about all this.

'Hakuna vile unaweza omba msamaha na kisha ikue ilikuwa mzaa ulikuwa unafanya (There is nothing like an apology that is then followed with mocking. That is counterproductive). I can't support that nonsense. I cannot support such stupidity and bad manners," Kate said.