Betty Kyallo is the star in the family, but her star power has extended to her immediate family who now share the harsh limelight with her.

Her small sister Mercy spoke to and opened up about it.

"I did not want to be a celebrity. I did not sign up to be famous. Not many people become famous because of their siblings. And that happened to me. So, I have just being authentic. I don't pretend to be anything. That is why when I feel like dressing official, I do so, I just do me," Mercy said.

Mercy also opened up about the lowest moment - not only in her life but also in the entire family's life - was when they all had to deal with their brothers addiction to alcohol.

"One of the lowest moments in our lives and most humbling was when our brother was battling with alcoholism. We had to take him to rehab."

She explained, "We never talk about that and we never really talk about mental health. And that is something that is close to my heart. He is now perfect and back to himself."

Adding, "Just that process of taking a loved one to rehab, and dealing with a drug addiction it just really humbled me  and that is an experience in my life I will never forget. and I will never ever judge anybody going through such a situation."

Mercy concluded, "I respect anybody who is working with anything to do with the mental health. As a society, we never talk about mental health. Everyone talks about physical abuse or emotional abuse but no one talks about mental health or even accept that it is a growing problem in Kenya. It is a disease just like any other."