Bien from Sauti Sol has proved that showing his woman love is as easy as it comes.

Chiki Kuruka and Bien do not often showcase their love publicly, but when they do, many people are left thinking, 'I need myself a man or woman like that'.

Seeing as today is Valentine's day, we asked Bien to reveal his big plan for the day. He spoke saying:

we do not celebrate valentines, every day is fire fire love like Ray C. we do not believe in this cheap one-day kucelebrate love. I buy her flowers weekly. Have you had a crush on a celebrity? no, then you will never know

14 February is a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person, one is romantically involved with or attracted to but to Bien and Chiki, every day is a flower and card day but of course not anonymously.

When men are in red or against red, women find them more attractive as well as more sexually desirable. Men in red or near red are perceived by women as having higher status than men who aren't wearing or near red.

So is Bien planning to light his house red to look more attractive? When we questioned him on the wedding plans, he said this year might just see him walk Chiki down the aisle.

wedding income

His colleague from Sauti Sol, Fancy Fingers left the single mans club last year after marrying his long term girlfriend, Lady Mandy.