Hamisa Mobetto has a message to all her ex's including Diamond Platnumz.

Her message read:


Apart from Diamond Platnumz, Hamisa also dated Majizzo, her firstborn’s baby daddy, Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Sssemwanga among other local celebrities.

Hamisa seems to have moved on. She has been busy doing shows in the US and also trying to build her brand. She is also in love with an American man.

Diamond broke up with Hamisa, citing witchcraft as the main reason for their break up. He revealed that she was trying to use witchcraft to compel him to marry her.

After the breakup, Hamisa revealed that the singer was a bad omen and since parting ways with him, she has been ‘blessed’. The socialite-cum-singer in a past media interview she revealed that  Diamond had promised to marry her and told her that his Islam faith allowed him up to four wives.

In her latest post about life, Hamisa advised her followers to always forgive. Her message read:

While On This Ride Called “LIFE”

You Have To Take The Good And With The Bad, Smile When You’re Sad, Love What You’ve Got & Remember What You Had.

Always Forgive, But Never Forget.

People Change.

Things Go Wrong.

Just Remember,

The Ride Goes On 🐎

Hamisa seems to be enjoying the music side of life as she has just released another song, Sawa and the love she is receiving is massive.