Njambi Koikai is still fighting the endometriosis battle as she continues to share her story.

Jahmby, a media personality has undergone more than 15 surgeries and is still in Atlanta, USA, being treated and she is not giving up.

Ever since she began her journey, she has made sure to document the highs and lows of the process.

One thing Jahmby says is a struggle, are the side effects of the drugs and how endometriosis has ravaged her body.
so one of the major side effects from all the drugs I take/taken is sweating. The medication makes it worse. Not sure if there are any other endo warriors who sweat as much even in the cold...So I sleep on two towels, with a change of 3 sleeping gowns or pajamas,3 little flannels. I sweat rivers and i still wake up drenched. This is how I've been chilling due to the crazy heat i endure.

Despite all the struggles, Jahmby has a very supportive family, especially her mother who is always with her in the hospital.

Thank God for my mum, she's been changing my nightgowns and cleaning me up every night. Can't sit up without pillows because of my back. 

Eventually, Jahmby just wants to generate conversations on Endometriosis. It is not normal to have extreme period pains.

I share these stories so that little girls/young women/mothers won't have to go through what I've battled or worse. 

Teach little girls that extreme period pain is not normal. Don't normalise this pain. Once we have these conversations, break the myths and taboos, we will be able to combat Endometriosis.

All in all, though i love how God loves me through it all.Read more here.