Guardian Angel did not feature DK Kwenye Beat in his repentance song 'Mercy' due to criticism from fans.
"DK Kwenye Beat still needs to reconcile with people first," Guardian revealed in an interview with

A month ago, a woman accused DK and Hope Kid of luring her into group sex late last year and infecting her with a sexually transmitted infection.

DK has never apologised to the public and even to the woman, and Guardian Angel says he does not want people to feel like he is supporting what DK did.

"I don't want to be in controversy and, therefore, I had to shoot the video again," he said.

Last week Bahati received a lot of backlash on social media for featuring DK Kwenye Beat in his new song.

He defended his decision to work with DK saying, " I was helping my brother say sorry."

The comments section of the Youtube video is riddle with negative comments about DK's threesome scandal.