Anerlisa Muigai is struggling to have a serious conversation with her in-laws because her Swahili is not on point.

By now we are all aware that she is dating Ben Pol or probably engaged to him from Tanzania and their Swahili is very deep. Anerlisa confesses that it is becoming a problem and she is actually considering some Swahili lessons.

at this point I might have to take Swahili lessons again because these in-laws of ours are spitting some words I am left like 😲

From Ben Pol's social media and even his songs, it is clear they do not speak the same Swahili we do here in Kenya and if Anerlisa does not pull up her socks, communication will be a big problem.

Ben Pol has often revealed in interviews that he is not so good in English and seeing as he has been raised by his parents they might also not be as good.

A marriage is a union so I would suggest that both make an effort to learn the languages of their better halves so that it is easier for them in their new families.

We are now counting days to the big wedding day after they held the first step to marriage when both families met a few months ago.