Betty Kyallo has had it rough on social media but says that even Jesus was hated by a lot of people so who is she not to go through a lot of hate?

She noted she's noticed that people who troll others do so because they are also stressed and unable to deal with the challenges in their own lives, so she just lets them be.

Her ex-husband Dennis Okari got married about a month ago and instead of people focusing on his wedding, many people were out to troll her that her man has completely moved on.

Just after the wedding, Betty unleashed a sneak peek of her man and just like Jalang'o said on Up Close with Betty, he is not black. Could be Caucasian, American, Spanish but definitely not a black man.

To make things clear to those hating on her, she said she is dating and is happy. Though she made sure he is not a guy in the limelight because she has learned her lesson.

i promised myself i will not date a man in the public limelight. i am very happy

So of course from the trolls on Dennis' wedding against Betty, many people would say she will be crying in the toilet. She clapped back saying little do they know she was having the time of my life.

if they only knew my man was cooking for me some goodies while we watched Netflix. he then dropped me at work,I had a good show and then picked me up later. so please everybody apabamane na hali yao.

One thing Betty kept emphasizing to Jalang'o is that she is very happy with life.

We can only but wish her all the best.