otile and joey
otile and joey
Otile Brown needs to stop playing with our minds as his Instagram in-laws

Is it Amber Ray or now Joey Muthengi? The two were spotted getting a bit too cozy at what looked like a bonfire chill out. He had placed his hands on her shoulder on a seat which definitely meant that they have to be too close to each other.

No one is complaining though. Otile Brown clearly has a type and from Vera Sidika and now to Joey Muthengi there are certain similarities. He had made it clear that he does not want someone who is out for fame but Joey is already in the limelight.

Otile Brown is desperate to find love because he has also started having baby fever just like Vera who is making it seem like she is already pregnant. She has been spending time with a certain baby saying she will soon be taking care of her own baby just like she is doing.

Her ex has also been singing the same song to a point we all thought they are expecting a baby girl or boy.

Well for Joey and Otile Brown, the two look like they'll make a good couple though Joey has severally mentioned she is into older men. Otile might not fit in this description.

Maybe the two were just having a good time considering alcohol was in the mix.

Watch the video below :