Nabayet Otile Brown's bae
Nabayet Otile Brown's bae
Otile Brown must be a happy man.

A while back, he asked his fans if they could recommend a woman who would come into his life.

He begged, "Damn! I think am lonely...I need a “real woman” in my life 👉sio Madanguro na watafuta kiki (not hoes and attention seekers). Dem gani unadhani ametulia na ananifaa?? (Which gentlewomen would you recommend for me?) #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove."

Days later he met Nabayet, a stunning Ethiopian babe.

She seems to have strong opinions about what she is looking for in a man.

A day ago, she posted the word "Amour" which is the French word for "Love". This could be an indicator that she is in love.

Shameless Instagram-in-laws gave their thoughts on this fact. here is one who pointed out what Nayabet should do.

abd_chongnation: Andika @otilebrown ndo tuskie raha... Ukinikata damu yangu ni Otile Mtupuuuu

While another in-law added, "Otile hebu propose vizuri🙈."

Anyhow, Nabayet is one witty woman, in one Instagram post she outlined, "Get yourself someone who looks at you the way Nabbi looks at Nabbi 👀 #truelove."

Sharing this photo.

Anyhow, Nabayet is careful to keep away from men who are no good. She spoke boldly about that.

She said:

"A wise woman once said 'be as picky with your men as you are with your selfies' #saynotofuckboys."

Here are some reactions t this post.

bossbabeshirl: Nice caption, be aware of Otile Brown.

franklingocean: No offence but Otile brown is a Fuck boy, what do you have to say about that? Or it's preaching water drink wine.

gstar2010: But you just said yes to the biggest fuck boy in Kenya

boncalimore: @bossbabeshirl yes, on behalf of all the keyboard warriors, we wish them well⚡⚡🔥

cliffjxmez: @gstar2010 you stalked her all the way till here to hate You need help sis.