Sean Andrew is asking his fans to give him a break.

He is big on social media but now after what he is going through, he has decided to take a social media break.

Sean Andrew is sorry about it but he genuinely says he needs time off to figure out stuff about his life.

I'm taking a break, I'm sorry its come to this, but I've come to a point in life I haven't been living well and delivering good to you... I need time and space to figure myself out... I'll miss you but I gotta do this. One love 🐒❤️

In previous posts, he has opened up saying that he is not at a happy place and people on his comment section were wondering why.

To them how can a guy from a rich family background have problems?

Well, clearly it's not all about the money.

The comments section was full of mixed reactions. Some were saddened by the fact that he has left and well others, just hating.

Here are some comments:

Noel: Just when I discovered you yesterday and started following😭....but hey it's fine

Shash: What is it that you are going through, just Let Go and Let God, you’ll be ok eventually take your time and remember to Pray 😊

Sean has addressed his depression story before, we do hope he will be okay and this time off will help him recuperate.

Depression is known to be one disease that is killing the youth fast. Always seek help don't keep silent.