President Uhuru Kenyatta may have been the guest of honor, but, Youla Nzale, a sign language interpreter for Citizen TV prime-time news bulletin was the star at the Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga.

She made it worthwhile for audiences watching President Uhuru Kenyatta's speech.

Her facial expressions matched the tone of Uhuru's subtexts to his detractors.

She expressed his frustration, disgust and anger to a 'T'.

In an interview, Youla said:

“My emotions went hand-in-hand with the president’s tone. I tried capturing every moment in his speech when he was serious and sad. Deaf people do not often read the lips, they cannot hear; so, they read the facial expressions."

Adding, "So, an interpreter needs to be happy, when the speaker is happy; sad, when the speaker is sad; confused, when the speaker is confused. That explains my facial expressions during the president’s speech."

Here are 20 of the best photos from the speech.