Amina Abdi Rabar is a media personality who wears many hats like MC, mum, social media influencer and wife.

However, when she started out, things weren't easy. After she completed high school her parents couldn't afford her college fees so she had to look for a job and luckily she found one as a receptionist where she earned a mere Ksh 3500.

One day, when she was going home from the job she heard an advertisement on the radio which was enrolling people on radio presenter course, but her dream was to do law like Amina Muhammad the CS the sport.

She shared her thoughts with her boyfriend about doing journalism or law and her boyfriend told her to do journalism because she loves talking too much but her worry was how will she raise her college fee which was Ksh 40,000.

To raise the fee, she asked for more responsibility at work. From being a receptionist to the tea girl to the cleaner so that she could get a salary raise.

Eventually, her salary was increased from Ksh 3500 to Ksh 10000 and that how she managed to pay college fee.

When she was about to complete her studies, the school promised them that the best student will be offered an internship in the media house.

And she did her level best and she got the internship position, she had to do her level best because she never wanted to go back as a receptionist.

She concluded by saying.

''if I would have worked hard in my KCSE and i could have gotten a sponsorship. i wouldn't go here as a journalist, i would have studied to the point where i would have been a cs."

Look at her now, she is hustle goals for people who want to be media personalities. Check her out being a bauusssssss!