Madam Boss is not just a mere street moniker. she lives the lifestyle.

She is the boss and a real boss owns a castle where everyone calls her “Madam”.

Akothee is always extra when she decides to do anything.

April 10th was Madam boss's birthday and she celebrated it in style.

In her Instagramfeed,  she shared her photos looking cuter than ever before and she went ahead to say

'For those who ever commented that I am ugly , repent now , before I take your man home

Blessed! Photos of Akothee’s palatial mansions that prove she is Madam Boss!

She also thanked her sister Cebbie Koks Nyasego for  bringing her parents, uncles and grandmother to her birthday

Mummy thank you soo much for this surprise 

My baby sister brought my parents and my brothers all the way from Rongo to come celebrate me, she said she cant enjoy this gift alone , so did my uncle's and grandmas ,thank you nyasego 

Her fans weren't left behind commenting about her new look and this is what they had to say.

'Oh wow you look beautiful 😍😍 I almost didn’t recognize you! You are blessed my Sister. Continue “Do You”

Remember no one cares in this world until you win. So keep on keeping on!

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