Game of Thrones has been the topic of discussion for months now and a few days ago, they released episode 1 of season 8. A series we have been eagerly waiting for.

Now that it's here, which Kenyan celebrity would best play the role of the main characters in Game of Thrones? Here is my list

  1. Daenerys Targaryen/ Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani fits the role of Daenerys who plays the role of a go-getter and wants to be queen. Despite it all, Victoria fights hard to be the queen in the music industry.

2. Jon Snow/Pascal Tokodi

Now it is very evident that Pascal is one of the hottest actors we have in Kenya. Just like Jon Snow, his word is his bond. As played by Pascal in the Kenyan Series Selina as Nelson.

3. Cersei Lannister/ Akothee

Cersei eliminates any obstacle that comes her way to get to what she wants, just like Akothee. Nothing stops her from doing what she knows is right.

4. Arya Stark/ Diana Marua

Just like Arya, Diana Marua is a very objective person. Anything she does or says needs to have a purpose at the end.

5. Sansa Stark/Celestine Gachuhi

Celestine who plays the role of Selina goes through a lot in the series but emerges strong, just like Sansa in Game of Thrones

6. Joffrey Baratheon/ Willy Paul

For both, their way is the right way. Doesn't matter what anyone has to say.

7. Petyr Baelish/ Ringtone

He plays the role of a guy who will always give different stories to different people so that they eventually become enemies. Ringtone has been doing this for the last couple of months on his social media pages.

8. Khal Drogo/Hassan Joho

The alpha male in the series Game Of Thrones is exactly who Joho is. Hassan Joho also makes sure he is the best at all he does and he is one hell of a s3xy man just like Khal.

9. Brienne Of Trath/ Martha Karua

She is a strong lady with so much will and power plus she always does the right thing. Martha Karua is the epitome explanation of the description above.

10. The Night King/ Maina Kageni

Just like Maina Kageni, The Night King has existed since the age of the First Men and the two have a large following.

11. Tyron Lannister/ Boniface Mwangi

A man who fights for the rights of the people and he always has some piece of advice for the youth. Boniface Mwangi is the perfect definition of Tyron.