Gospel star Bahati and Diana Marua have a very interesting marriage.

One time, Diana was filmed ogling at a gym instructor.

Bahati addressed his wife's fisilet tendencies there and then.

If you missed that drama, check it out on the link below.

Anyhow, maybe Diana was acting out because in the past Bahati has had his rebellious days.

There is this time Bahati wad busted with sexts on his phone. An angry Diana called him out about it.

It lead to such a heated argument and all Bahati could master to defend himself was

"Sandra is my cousin!"

Really, mtoto wa mama? That was your best line of defense?

It is not clear if Diana accepted that excuse at all. Because based on her reaction, those texts were not innocent. They insinuated something more.

She later accused Bahati of spending an enormous part of his time on phone and not with family.

Bahati said it was because he has business deals that he had to handle.

The argument deteriorated to a point where Bahati walked out on Diana while she was trying to express her feelings about hos absenteeism.

In response to this, Diana packed her bags anf her child and hit the road.

For two weeks, the celebrity power couple were broken up.

They only got back together after the intervention of a pastor.

Diana went into that session with a lot of ire.

"Not to say this in a bad way, but I don't want us to waste each others time."

Adding, "One thing we all need to understand is that, it is not always about him (Bahati) all the time."

She was pointing out that her hubby was selfish and he was not taking her feelings into consideration.

Anyhow, Bahati defended himself saying he is puzzled as to how things have turned out.

"I really don't know what women want. Someone has never slept hungry, walked naked... What else do they want?"

Reacting to this Diana said, "Bahati, let me ask you…"

Bahati interjected, shutting her down.

"Who are you calling Bahati?" he asked angrily.

He continued, "Don't ever call me Bahati again, (instead call me) Babe, swiry, sweet pie."

It seems after that heated session, they worked out things.

Because they have been lovey dovey for a long while now.