Jalango is at loggerheads with his village neighbours in Kisumu.

This was after he told them off after defying an age-old Luo tradition.

Jalang’o narrated that after his father passed away, he decided to build his mother a house but was told it was against Luo traditions.

Jalang’o explained that according to the tradition, his mum had to be inherited by an older man who then has to build her a house or move her from the home she shared with Jalango's dad.

"They said, as the firstborn son, If I build the house, an older man has to step in as my stepdad to give my mum permission and traditionally to take her to the new house so that it is not cursed," Jalango explained. 

"Me with my big head, I defied them. I found a good piece of land and built my mum a house. In the village, the neighbours were in shock because of that move. The bemoaned my move saying I will be a corpse in due course."

Jalango laughed off their superstition saying, "To date, I'm waiting [for the grim reaper]."

As a parting shot, the comedian added,

"I can tell you for a fact, there is nothing like hexes or witchcraft. There is nothing like that. Those traditions that people hold on to that are claims, one thing cannot happen unless this or that happens first."

Adding, "I told them, if the God I serve will strike me dead for building my mother a house, then let it be. I'm still waiting for that death for building my mum a house."