Kenya Genge artiste, Mejja is hopeful and proud of his daughter.

She is fighting pneumonia but so far so good. Her father took to social media to share a picture of his little angel who has been hospitalized since Friday.

She Is A Fighter From Friday AmeKuwa Hosi Na Pneumonia She Is A Soldier And My Inspiration
Mejja with his daughter

Fans have joined Mejja in wishing his child a quick recovery. Check out messages from his fans:

kapchanga_abel Mazee iza Okonkwo,she will be fine God will heal her

thecremedelacreme Bro She in our prayers. She’s Healed in Jesus name 🙏🙏

deejaykalonje Get well soon ma….. You are for greatness

timo.bundi Quick recovery to her

elishifawangeshi Quick recovery baby girl 😘

macphee_m QR to her and try avoiding cold things for a while

angela.sevil She is well in Jesus name.

eric_radioproducer Quick recovery to your little Angel @mejjagenge

carol_shyro Get well soon.

nyabikapeter quick recovery angel.

djteeonekenya Quick Recovery to her.

alexis_de_muendo Quick recovery to her.

joeykinyua Sorry about that dear. She will be well in Jesus name. Quick recovery princess.

Others were quick to be Instagram doctors telling him not to feed the baby who is suffering from pneumonia icecream because it might affect her recovery.

Well, according to my online research,

There is no contra-indication to eating ice cream after being diagnosed with pneumonia.  As long as your swallowing is okay, it should be fine, enjoy the ice cream!