Divock Origi
Divock Origi
Just a few weeks ago, Diamond was called out by Zari as a dead beat father.

This prompted a response from Diamond leading to a back and forth between the two. Diamond came out accusing Zari of cheating on him with her gym trainer and Peter from P Square.

Hamisa, who also has a son with Diamond is of a different opinion. Speaking on Wasafi TV, she revealed that he is an amazing father to their son, Dylan.

But hol' up. Just a few months after giving birth, Hamisa took Diamond to court over child support.

Clearly, this threat woke him up because his baby mama's narrative has changed, despite the fact that we do not see Diamond spending time with Dylan, she says he is present.

Hamisa spoke saying,

he uses his place as a father very well. he is an amazing father. there is nothing as hard as raising a kid by yourself and he has made it easier because I have his support as my baby daddy

Dylan lives in Tanzania with his dad, unlike the others who live in south Africa. But we barely see pictures of Diamond and Dylan together or any post dedicated to him as opposed to his other children, Tiffah and Nilan.

Blogs in Tanzania exposed the truth behind their co-parenting life a while back, saying Diamond Platnumz bought Hamisa a car to help raise baby Dylan, but she wanted more than that.

She is probably looking at the luxurious house Zari is living in back in South Africa and she is thinking, 'that should also be me.'

But at least he is taking responsibility of their child so it's a load off Hamisa Mobetto.