hudruma namba
hudruma namba
Government warns that if you don't have a Huduma Namba you may not have access to some services.

Yaani, you will suffer.

"Those who will not have registered might have issues with things such as tracing physical documents so that they are served,"Interior CS Fred Matiang'i.

Anyhow, as people are scrambling to get the Huduma Namba, others are having a hard time dealing with the agents mandated with helping the public get registered.

One city woman recounted her grueling ordeal in at one of the centres where she went to get a Huduma Namba.

This incident happened at the Huduma Namba registration centre in Lavington.

"On Tuesday, 7th May, we went to go line up to get our Huduma Namba. We got there 10 minutes to 4pm where we were met with hostility from the clerks at the center. They told us they were taking no more. One woman and man in particular were extremely rude and told us they are done taking more people even though they are supposed to end at 5."

She continued, "They didn’t want to assist us or give us any airtime to ask whether they would be there the next morning. One of the lady’s packed her things and left and the other man continued to be extremely hostile telling us to get out and that we were not to dictate his time of work. We left as we saw that we were not going to get help."

That was when she was attached by one of the male clerks.

She said, "As we were leaving, I was extremely disappointed in the experience and how they handle us so I returned back to take a picture of the center to report to the Huduma official center. Whilst doing that the man approached me and hit me extremely hard on my chest and neck and dropped me to the ground."

She added that the supervisors ignored her complains and the clerk even gloated telling her, "there is absolutely nothing we can do to him."

Here is a video of the altercation at the Huduma Namba registration centre in Lavington.