Akothee is a complex and versatile lass.

She inspires hate and love almost in equal measure but one thing that is a given about her is the fact that she is true to herself.

And you can't help but admire that about her indomitable spirit.

She has come from being a single mother struggling to make ends meet to a successful businesswoman who isn't shy about putting it all on the line.

Sometimes she pulls shock-jock stunts, sometimes she does something to help alleviate the suffering of her fellow Kenyans.

This article is about the latter.

Akothee had previously held a concert looking to not only raise awareness about the plight of starving Kenyans in Turkana but raising funds to actually help them.

And she is still trying to do so.

She recently took to her social media account to ask for help with her plan to help starving Turkana people:

I have 28 tones of maizemeal from Unga limited. First, I need a transport company to volunteer and help me deliver this foostuffs to Turkana.

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