My tongue slapped the inside of my mouth when I tried reading the title allowed.

Anyway, this isn't about my love-athiesm but about the fact that Chipukeezy and his bae Kibanja are all loved up.

And the handsome couple is enjoying a baecation courtesy of Bountiful Safaris on the beautiful, enchanting island of Zanzibar.

Chipukeezy has littered his timeline with photos of the moments he has shared with Kibanja.

And the chubbier, happier Chipukeezy had his shirt either off or unbuttoned in most of the photos due to the heat but you will forgive me for saying there is no real reason to rush to his timeline because he honestly is no beefcake.

The photos aren't thirst-traps and the images will not leave you in a heady mist of desire.

But he looks happy.

You know how you can tell a person is happy? By looking into their eyes and in these photos reveal the joy Kibanja brings into Chipukeezy's life: