Okay by now I am sure you and everyone else in East Africa are on the loop when it comes to Zari and her new 'hidden man', King Bae.

In case you're that one percent, well, Zari found a new man who showers her with not just love but expensive gifts and money. She has been posting him all over her social media pages but we can't see his face.

It's now a competition between her and Diamond on who has moved on to greener pastures. Diamond is now dating Kenya model, Tanasha Donna.

So when one posts their significant other, the other follows.

The two are still keeping up with each other. In fact, Diamond in an interview said he is happy for her.

I’m happy that she is in another relationship

Anything that goes on their social media pages is a competition.

Just after Diamond's interview on Wasafi FM, he mentioned that he bought Zari the house she lives in with their children, Tiffah and Nilan back in South Africa.

To clap back, Zari took to social media giving us a tour of her new manz' house. A house she could soon be living in because well, they are soon to get married.

She took us from the living room to the bathroom to the kitchen where she has already had imaginative counter s3x with King Bae. She captioned the kitchen tour saying,

banging on this kitchen counter...

From the video, he is a wealthy man for sure. It is a two-story house with fine antiques as decor.

Zari and Bae have not yet furnished it so it might just look better than the other house courtesy of Diamond. Despite the fact that the house is just wow! A dream house for many.

We can only wait to see the house it will look like as a finished product. For now, let me take you through King Baes house: