Shaffie Weru has been single for the last four years after coming from a place where it was relationship after relationship with no break.

Just to encourage him that it shall one day be just but the past, Adelle said that she was also in that place once upon a time. Until she decided to take a one year break to just be single and find herself.

back then I was in a place where my relationships overlapped. but one day I decided I wanted to know what it feels like to be single and I was single for a year. its important to take a break to understand and find yourself

Now Adelle is happily married to the love of her life and best friend.

Well, since she's been there done that, Adelle has an upper hand on giving Shaffie some advice on how to find love and probably settle down like she has.

During one of their heated conversations on KissFm's Breakfast With The Stars, Adelle cautioned him that when one is desperately looking for love, they find the wrong people.

So she gave him a game plan,

when you keep looking for love you will find the wrong people but when you're alone just in your own space like going to the gym, yoga (Shaffie interjected saying, do you know how expensive it is to do those things? ) and love will find you there. join a group for cyclists and cycle in Karura 

It's true they say that to find love you must put yourself out there. So let's wait and see if we will be singing to Otile Brown and Sanaipei's song Chaguo La Moyo soon.