Saumu Mbuvi has cleaned up her Instagram page. It's now all about her, her baby girl and father.

Yap, all the pictures of her and her man are gone!

Normally when you see someone cleaning up their social media it's because they want a clean start far from a man or woman they dated.

Previously, Saumu has been posting abut the successful relationship she has with her fiancé but suddenly those posts have vanished off her social media.

We reached out to her for comment and she has not given us a response to the rumors that she has broken up with her man, hence why she has deleted their pictures.

Something else that made us question if their relationship is stable is the fact that she was not present during Willy Paul's ratchet night at her club, Wakanda.

Her fiancé was there popping bottles but she was nowhere to be seen despite all the marketing she did to advertise that night to her 60k plus followers on Instagram.

She is not the only one raising eyebrows this week. Eko Dydda also decided to do a cleanup on his Instagram page after his wife exposed him on her social media page that he cheated on her.

Here is her new Instagram page: