Every Friday, Uncle Chim Tuna gives Kiss FM fans the gist on the Big Scoop with Adelle and Shaffie.

Today he started us off with drama in the 254. Eric Omondi has been trending after seemingly announcing on social media that his relationship with Chantal has come to an end, 4 years later.

Shaffie's concern was Chantal age, because according to details online, he started dating her four years ago when she was 19. This is despite declaring in an interview recently that she is 21- years-old.

Uncle Chim's concern was Eric Omondi' next relationship. He will have a lot of pressure to match up to the standards he set up in his relationship to Chantal. Read the whole story in the links below:

Chim had another exclusive scoop that the lady Eko Dydda is cheating with, is a certain celebrities ex.
Trap King has been caught doing the worst. He took his con level all the way to Lady Leshurr. He is a music promoter and so he brought her here and she enjoyed her time and even recorded a video.
So after they finished editing the video, they sent it to him from the UK and he used that video to extort her. 5000 pounds to be precise.
Read the story below:

Well, hopefully, next weeks scoop we will be having more makeup stories than the many breakups this week.