Timmy Tdat poses with a semi automatic rifle
Timmy Tdat poses with a semi automatic rifle
In this week's edition of celebs doing dumb things, we have Timmy Tdat posting a photo of himself holding a gun. And not just any gun, a semi-automatic rifle. Why is that distinction important? Because while you can become a licensed firearm holder, that permit is limited to pistols. As a civilian, you cannot own a rifle.

So why has Timmy Tdat decided to post this photo? Perhaps I was an action done so brashly. Perhaps it was done so in defiance. Or perhaps still, it was another ill-advised mistake, adding to a long list of mistakes Timmy Tdat has been known to do.

The comments were set alight with many of his fans and followers advising him against keeping the photo up. And to his credit, he acquiesced to the demands. This is the type of photo that can lead to some unwanted attention from the security apparatuses of the state.

At least this action is in the company of many others. Remember when he casually undressed a lady on stage while performing? Yep, this is right up there with this decision:

And also add to this list how he lost his radio personality position with a certain station. But I would advise Timmy Tdat to give Steve Mbogo a call and find out what the police interrogation was like back when he surfaced with an automatic shotgun.