diana marua baby bum glow
diana marua baby bum glow
Whenever the subject of weight gain is broached in the same sentence as a relationship (gerrit? Because relationships are akin to jail sentences?) the advice that carries the day is for you to lose it.

I co-sign this advice. It is good advice. But in an age when common sense is as rare as honest Kenyan politicians, we shall go with the opposite; weight gain.

And the not so surprising proponent of this advice is none other than Diana Marua.

You would do well to heed her advice given she is after all married - to gospel artiste Bahati.

And you should also probably take her advice with a pinch of salt because it is a double entendre.

When you walk into a woman's life and she doesn't gain weight, you have terribly failed as a man

This could be seen as advice about how women put on weight once they are snuggly ensconced in a relationship.

So if you have ever wondered why your formerly hot girlfriend is a land whale, you know why -she's happy.

And damned be your joy!

Either that or the advice could be a thinly veiled jab at infertile men... And you get to play the fun game of picking which of these two interpretations you prefer.