The most expensive household item you have in your house right now may not be as expensive as you think.

The price tag on some of these items will change your idea on what exorbitant price means.

These are some of the most expensive household items in the world.

  1. Ron Arad stainless steel couch(Ksh3million)

Ron Arad gave the world one of the most exotic and expensive sofas ever made. The entire sofa is completely made out of stainless steel and has several curves to resemble the letter W.

The sofa isn't meant to be sat on its more of a piece of art rather than functional furniture.

The sofa is on display in a New York museum and if you ever wish to purchase it be prepared to part with 30,000,000 million shillings.

2. Hangfang golden toilet (Kshs 3 billion- 4 billion)

This luxurious toilet is made of 24 -carat gold and it took 100 experts to make the entire room.

Kam sai-wing was the brainchild of this idea. He pays it as a tribute to communist leader Lenin who said that the most appropriate thing to do with gold is building a public toilet.

The toilet can be found in HongKong China at Hang Fangs golden technology. Visitors can only use the toilet wearing plastic on their feet in order not to mess up the gold on the floors.

Everything in the room is completely made of gold from the sink to the toilet brush and even the trash bin.

The Guinness book of world records named it as the most expensive toilet in the world.

3. Massive Italian Veneto, Early 19th Century Walnut Center Table (Kshs 7million)

This table has a tripartite base and two drawers and is commonly used as a dining table.

It spots a price tag of $66,400 making it the most expensive piece of furniture of all time.

4. Stuart Hughes prestige HD supreme rose edition(Kshs 225million)

Stuart Huge is the company responsible for bringing you the most expensive video game console now they are responsible for the worlds most expensive TV.

The 55 inch TV has a base that's crafted with 18 carat rose gold and the frame is surrounded by 72 round cut 1-carat diamonds.

It has hand stitched alligator skin on the top bezel.

5. Qianlong vase (Kshs 5.3billion)

The 18th-century vase was sold in a London auction for a whopping $89.5million. The highest auction price for Chinese antiquity at the time.

The vase is dated as far back as the Qianlong dynasty. Hard to believe that the record-breaking vase was once sold for as low as $65.