Money can't buy class. No one exemplifies this statement better than Mike Sonko. So I hope he will sit back and take note of Bishop Allan Kiuna. Why? Because the thing about luxury timepieces is they needn't be gaudy. Understated and bespoke are two adjectives that are better used to describe luxury.

I was trawling these damned internets for a story to tell when I came across a rather innocuous photo of Bishop Daddy (I will never get over the fact that his congregants call him this) of his which drew my attention because of an understated detail - his watch.

Most people will see this photo and only notice his paisley blazer. Others will look at it and see a man of God. I could care less for these details, I noticed the nifty Rolex Mariner.

Now, understand that the Rolex can be purchased on the grey market but, for the sake of this article, we will assume it wasn't. We will assume that Bishop Daddy (how can you say this title without cringing or saying Dzaddy?) bought the watch the right way and got the certificate to go with it.

If indeed he did, the watch would cost a cool 3 million shillings.

And if this has inspired you to get a Rolex, then worry not, you do not have to fly out of the country to make the purchase, there is one accredited dealer in Nairobi:

Make your way to Amee Arcade in Parklands, on Parklands Road and order one up.