Friday is finally upon us and what a week this has been. I have literally had to work 2 days alone. I hope your week has also been as much of a plan as mine but in case it hasn't then Friday is here.

You can probably tell from my enthusiasm that I am going out tonight and as I was chatting with Adelle I casually asked her which spots she believes are a plan and the answer was rather revealing. I for one know she enjoys Brew Bistro but her other picks were really surprising.

And trust Adelle to have thought through the reasons she goes to party at the spots she does.

Unlike me who goes "for a vibe" or to chase tail, she wants an experience. That means that her's is a concerted effort to gain new experiences.

These were her picks and the reasons why:

#1. Mercury before guys are paid

Mercury is a chill spot with dope music but one of the biggest issues I share Adelle's opinion on is the lack of sitting space. Try going to Mercury before the month becomes too long for most and you will have to stand the entire night. Getting to the men's bathroom is a nightmare because of the long winding lines so you can only imagine what the ladies restroom is like.

#2. Brew Bistro

Adelle says she hasn't been here because she is always looking for new experiences but she does enjoy the spot. It is secure, well aired and has an actual dancefloor that people use.

#3. K1 on the last Fridays

The experience that takes Adelle to K1 every last Friday of the month is the live band that only does Kenyan covers. How cool is that?

#4. Concert - but it has to be dope artists

Who doesn't like a good concert? If the organizers get everything down to pat, the experience is rather enjoyable. You get to see your favourite artiste, support their craft and meet new people. Speaking of which, check out this awesome concert: