Hitting the gym is a journey. A friend of mine keeps repeating this. It serves to remind me that I will not get results as quickly as I want.

I hope that will also serve to steel your resolve to keep working out at the gym but just incase you need more reasons to stay the course, then perhaps taking a look at how some Kenyan celebrities have changed their physiques through sheer will and by lifting heavy weights and setting them down will.

Take the time to go through the list I have curated of guys and gals who have hit the gym and are grateful they stuck to their fitness regimes:


Standing at well over 6'2" Redsan was always an imposing figure but he tired of being the tall, lanky guy. He transformed himself into a behemoth of a man by hitting the gym and becoming yolked.


The first time Nazizi appeared on our screens, she was fat. Soon, as her career grew in leaps and bounds, she became obese. However, she tired of being the chubby lass in that dope group (Necessary Noize) and she cut back a lot of her weight by hitting the gym.

Talia Oyando

The night nurse. Not many know she used to be a skinny, shy lass who at one point in time dated the late great Esir. She is a mother of one who has an amazing figure that she maintains by hitting the gym mad!




Akothee's lithe figure in no way betrays the fact she's a mother of 5. Let that sink in, Akothee is a mother of 5 while your favourite celeb lost her figure due to the food baby she conceived at lunchtime in the kibanda next door.

And while genetics might legitimately have a hand to play in how Akothee maintains her figure, do not belittle the fact that she works hard in the gym.

Mudigi Savara


Actually, on this one, I should simply put the entire crew of Sauti Sol. These guys go hard in the gym and are reaping the rewards. Gone are the days when being a skinny singer would cut it, these days you have to also become a sex symbol.


Diamond works hard at everything he does. Singing? Why do you think he is a star? Workouts? Why do you think he has a diamond hard body? Baby making? Fam, why do you think he has several children?