We all have those items that we need to carry along with us for work to be a productive undertaking. For some of us, these would be accessories. For others still, these would be actual tools of the trade.

In my case, it is a few knick-knacks; a phone, my watch, an iPod and my specs. A watch because I am a watch geek and I love watching mechanical watches tick tock the day away, a phone because half of my work is done on my phone. The specs are self-explanatory but the iPod is so I do not have to get distracted by politics. Bad energy away!

I had a rather insightful chat with Lynda Nyangweso on today's episode of the Big Scoop where her workday essentials came up. Check them out below:

#1. Phone - because what type of lonely savage leaves home without theirs?

#2. Laptop - It makes prepping that much easier when you can prepare for the show on the go

#3. The biggest water bottle known to man - Hydration anyone?

#4. Headphones - They seem to grow legs sometimes so I come equipped!

#5. Arimis - She's all about that Arimis for her lips. It's life!

#6. Of course, a studio comes in handy *insert smiley face here*