Father's Day is often hijacked and used to shame men who have absconded their paternal responsibilities.

What the day is characterized by are messages qualifying fatherhood (Happy Father's Day to the responsible fathers) or celebrating single mothers (Happy Father's Day to all the women pulling in a double shift).

And while there is nothing wrong with appreciating single mothers, I often wonder why idiots use the only day when men are truly celebrated to shame them as though the women who chose to have children by them had no agency of thought.

And true to form, even celebrities get in on the trend of the day with a lot of the single mother celebrities using the day to hit out at their deadbeat partners. One would think that after 5 years you have already moved on but nay! These lasses either overtly or subliminally insult their baby's fathers because they are still hurting on some level.

I was on the damned Instagrams looking for a story to tell when it hit me, there are definitely going to be some salty single mothers out there so why not check up on them and true to form, their TMI ways didn't disappoint:


Check out her subtle insult here:


I have no idea who the president of single mothers was upset at but she didn't mince her words in what was a scalding post. She said,

Was waiting for the streets to calm 


may you continue being crazy mad , arrogant and unapologetically lubbish and takataka isorait , the world is too fake to try fit into everyones fakeness , they Gotta love you for you or hate you for trying being you 🤣😂😂, if all happening in homes could be brought on camera now ? 🤣😂😂😂😂You will realize that this GOAT IS THE REAL DEAL .

🤣🤣😂 I appreciate & embrace my past its what has made me whom I am today 💪 , Enjoying my present to the fullest as if I am dying tomorrow🙏, and focusing on my brighter future , hustling like I don't own a bicycle , thats strength of the mighty organ in my body called brain . HAPPY DADDYS DAY MOTHER 5 


Esma Khan (Diamond Platnumz' sister)

The lass who recently left her husband, congratulated herself for being such a good father to her young.


Pierra Makena

She kept things cryptic:


Bridget Achieng

Silence. The day does not exist on her calendar.