kenyan men
kenyan men
If he is between the ages of 24-18, I guarantee he is soft.

I am a 30-year-old guy who has tried his hand at mentoring young men. No, not the fancy mentorship some of the corporate types undertake simply when the cameras are around or during their company's CSR.

I am talking about actually taking the time to get to know some young men I believe to be ambitious and sharing some of my experiences with them as a way to help them if they are ever faced with the same situations. Never women, only men. And I do not see this changing anytime soon because I know nothing about the female perspective.

In retrospect, I believe I have alot to offer young men because I was a screw up growing up. I was always popular but I had alot of issues. I received a mentor thanks to the way the universe works who made me realize this. And having to work through these issues with the help of a man who was successful (despite all that life had thrown his way) was rather eye-opening. I'd rather a tour guide who has mud on his boots and shorts than one who doesn't.

One thing I have noticed about young men is that they are soft. I know, I said that before but I wanted to drop this gif:

I have a rough idea of why. Take a quick walk with me through some of my reasons why men have become so soft.

#1. The explosion of single motherhood

A woman will never be able to raise a balanced man. A woman will never be able to make a man. Think about it; a king makes a queen, not the other way around.

Women know nothing about the male perspective. A man cannot advise a woman from the male perspective on what she would do as a man.

Boys raised in single-mother households do not learn to own responsibility.

They do not learn how to manage their emotions as men.

Boys from single-mother households are often indisciplined. I just described my self during my younger days.

#2. No male mentorship

"A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools."  Sir William Francis Butler

Grit is male. Only a man can teach you this quality. While having a father around gives you an upper hand on a lot of masculine qualities, having a mentor in a field you are interested in getting involved in will take you so much further.

However, men these days do not mentor boys. In part, this is out of fear of looking like a paedophile or like they are gay. But the real issue is that men abdicated their responsibilities.

In this day and age, our soldiers are trained by fools and our laws written by cowards. That is why alot of Kenyan companies are so inefficiently run; merit is no longer rewarded.

The guys that rise to the top aren't the créme, they are the politicians. That is why many college graduands arrive at the scene blue-eyed and bushy tailed only to quickly become jaded.

#3. Homosexual culture

I stopped watching TV because I realized there is an agenda. Without wanting to sound like a conspiracy nut, I have noticed everything from the music to the movies have a lot of homosexuality. Hell, even cartoons are pushing a gay agenda.

While I do not care for whether or not an individual is a homosexual, I have a huge issue with anyone pushing anything vaguely sexual onto children:

Young Kenyans have grown up this subliminal messaging and we wonder why they are pansies? I will go out on a limb here and say that I do believe homosexuality is natural but men fall in love with fellow men. They do not fall in love with men who act like women.

#4. Feminist culture

Being male has become akin to a crime. Our education system trains men like they are faulty girls. In fact, the American Psychology Association describes anything traditionally male as toxic masculinity. Everything that your father was, that his father was, every great hero you looked upto growing up is toxic. Think about that. Boys are being raised to believe that being born male is a problem.