AY firing shots
AY firing shots
Tanzanian star AY has pressed Jaguar over his statements about Ugandans and Tanzanians. Actually, just on the part containing Tanzanians. Ugandan celebs have been rather quiet about Jaguar calling for their compatriots to be yanked out of their business premises, beaten and frog-marched to the airport.

Tanzanian star AY is, however, clearly cut from a different cloth! The rapper who has collaborated with Jaguar in the past didn't mince words when he asked the artists/ businessman/ politician to apologise over his remarks.

And he wasn't playing at forming words, his approach was direct, blunt and to the point. I would personally like to see a beef brew between the two so we can get interesting hip hop:


Ay wrote:

"@jaguarkenya Mimi Nawajua Watanzania wenzangu kuliko wewe tumia maneno haya muhimu kuwaambia wananchi hii issue iishe tuendelee na mambo mengine..Sema hivi- SAMAHANI...NIMEKOSA...NIMEKOMA ... NA SITARUDIA TENA -Ni mimi mshkaji wako Ambwene Allen Yessayah (A.Y)."