Kamene Goro today woke up feeling meh.

It is public knowledge that she has a lawsuit along with Andrew Kibe but they say, the show must go on. Yesterday they did their billboard photo shoot and you can get the video on YouTube page.

Kamene took to social media to share the stress she is going through. As we so she is not on air and so her job is on pause and that is bringing her down. She is moving out and the fact that she needs to have double rent means she needs a job to pay her bills and as of now, she doesn't have one.

She confessed that she cried,

It's dawned on me today. I cried just at the thought of what is going on. I have two rents to pay and my work life has been stopped. ene I called my mum today just expressing myself

She is sad but hopeful. Hopeful that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Either way, things have to happen. 

the show must go on because yesterday we did a shoot for the billboard so the show must go on

The team alongside heir dupper producer, Xtian Dela are set to be the new voices of Kiss Fm soon and they have promised their fans nothing but the best. A different feel they say will make radio fun again.

So stay tuned.