got emotional on Tuesday, reuniting with her childhood physical education (PE) teacher at the Cricket World Cup in Durham, U.K.

The 31-year-old Barbados native was in London to represent her home country and all of the West Indies islands at the Cricket World Cup, where she ran into Roddy Estwick, the West Indies assistant coach and Rihanna's PE teacher.

Jamaica Observer posted a video of the tearful reunion, where the Umbrella singer broke down while giving her former teacher a big hug.

Rihanna was wearing a tight white top that exposed her midriff under a white coat with white pants.

She was also wearing black sunglasses and a pair of gold necklaces during her visit to the Cricket World Cup.

She was seen in the stands, cheering on her West Indies team, though they lost the match by 23 runs to Sri Lanka, she still posed with players while holding a signed cricket bat after the match.

Rihanna commented on the Jamaica Observer video, stating, 'This is my teacher from school! He was a mentor and father figure to me. I haven't seen him in years!'

The singer also shared a photo of her and Estwick on her Instagram story on Tuesday as well, stating, 'my mentor, my champ, my MVP, my school teacher, my first "JayBrown"… #MrEstwick! You made my day.'

After the match, Estwick said in an interview with the International Cricket Council (ICC), that it was good she could come by and 'lift their spirits a little bit.'